Known as “The Architect of Fashion” for his original attitude towards creating fashion design, Italian fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré has firmly established his groundbreaking status in the industry through his iconic creations.

He began his fashion journey in 1970 by designing accessories and went to India to extensively study textile and textile design in the following years. In 1974, he founded his own company Baila, and launched his first collection for women. In 1982, he introduced his first men’s collection which was followed by more releases such as fragrances, eyewear, and couture collection.

Throughout his career, Gianfranco Ferré received numerous accolades and distinctions. This includes the Occhio d’Oro Award which he was given six times, for Best Italian Designer, the Gold Medal from the City of Milan, the Commendatore del Ordine decoration from the President of the Italian Republic, and De d’Or (Golden Thimble Award) for his first haute couture collection in 1989.

“Many people defined my clothings as architecture in fabric. I like that definition. It gives a good idea of what a design is for me: the result of a meeting 'guided' both by the creator’s hand and heart between form and material”.


He was also known for his exceptional tailoring, incorporation of luxurious fabrics, and dynamic application of vibrant colors. His designs are ostensibly simple, yet possesses eye-catching features, showcasing a blend of classical and modern aesthetic.

For Gianfranco, the defining aspects of his designs are quality, uniqueness, and opulence. He was deemed as a genius of fashion design for his meticulous craftsmanship that complemented his precision in tailoring geometric patterns, a standout aspect of his fashion creations.


The drawing as first step in the design

“The drawing is the first concrete expression of an idea. A first point of arrival in the dimension of reality and a point of departure for a creation.”

The material

“From material fashion derives its own substance and even its physical and tangible existence. Technological experimentation offers unheard-of possibilities for the utilization of materials, optimizes their qualities and potentialities, makes possible unprecedented mixes, combinations and treatments and ‘invents’ new ones…”

Color, an “intrinsic” element of design

“Color represents an inseparable category with respect to the idea of the garment, to its form and its nature, right from the very first idea and the very first sketch on paper.”“Research for new shades and highlights, surprising tones and nuances, that form in turn a more multifaceted vocabulary of their own that expresses energy, poetry, magic, allure, purity.”


Gianfranco Ferre is also known to design pieces with distinct features such as peculiar attributes like geometric shapes made to be in harmony with unique patterns. Additionally, his designs bear no superfluous embellishments, only harmonious elements; no clutter of colours, just a predominance of monochrome.

Shirts became the symbol of his personal signature in fashion design to which he reinvented each season. According to him, his shirts: “It is never the same, yet always unmistakable in its own identity. The white blouse may be light and floaty, flawlessly severe if the mannish cut remains, as sumptuously enveloping as a cloud, as skinny and snug as a bodysuit…”

To this very day, the timeless creations of Gianfranco Ferré continue to transcend all fashion trends. Whether it's ready-to-wear or accessories, accessing a piece of his iconic work is merely a few clicks away through

“A man is what he does, what he accomplishes in life... And I'm convinced it's my work that tells my story best: the clothes I create, the style I've developed over the years, the aesthetic values I strive to express in a fully consistent way, the objectives I've achieved, the projects I'm excited about pursuing in the here and now, the challenges I never tire of taking up and meeting...”