Gianfranco Ferre L.L.C and/or its affiliates explicitly discourage consumers engaging in transactions on illegitimate Gianfranco Ferré websites or vendors that may pose legal consequences, potential risks, and liabilities associated with buying items or services with such fraudulent websites or vendors. Gianfranco Ferre L.L.C also does not endorse, support, or have any affiliation with illegitimate websites and vendors. Additionally, we take pride in creating highquality products. Purchasing from illegitimate sources does not guarantee the same level of quality assurance that we uphold. Any use of our name or logo on such deceitful websites is unauthorized.


With that, Gianfranco Ferre L.L.C disclaims any responsibility to consumers purchasing goods or services from illegitimate or unauthorized Gianfranco Ferré websites and vendors. Furthermore, Gianfranco Ferre L.L.C makes no warranty or guarantee, express or implied, regarding the safety, authenticity, or quality of products or services purchased from illegitimate websites.


For guaranteed legitimacy of our products you want to purchase, consumers are urged to only transact on our official website:, official mobile application for iOS and Android platforms, official social media accounts and Gianfranco Ferré stores.